Friday, January 13, 2006

Big Brother 2: Galloway: The epitome of dignity

People of Bethnal & Bow, your member of parliament, George Galloway.

Interesting few days for gorgeous George. Recently for the science task he became Big brothers lab assistant, where he had to make sure the others in the house were following Big Brothers orders while he got to swan around in a white lab coat smoking a cigar like a pseudo Castro. Not that I'm suggesting he enjoyed leading the people and barking commands at, them such as imploring Faria "I had to sell my story" Alam to keep the spinach cart at her side at all times, please!, or that he was enjoying in any way playing dictator or Big Brothers lackey.

Big Brother took its title and concept from Orwell'’s book that attacked totalitarian states, the USSR being the obvious target. George has professed that the end of that Big Brother state in 1991 was "the biggest catastrophe of my life", well at least he's found another Big Brother to take its place, although this time a TV show. From the USSR to Channel 4. (Didn't rhyme did it? Oh well, close)

And now he's pretending to be a cat. One of the oddest moments in TV perhaps. Sticking his tongue out, the faces, the noises, it was just weird.

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