Thursday, May 25, 2006

Prose to impress the ladies

Spotted this "About me" blurb from a blog. I am jealous, no wonder the females don't like me. If only I could write letters to them like this, the paper scented with my Old Spice aftershave:

my love u feel my by my breath..see through my eyes love me without fear ....without complex...let me sleep between ur arms like feel in ur tranquility....ur longing...u r my jewel ...u r my start and my end..cause i live just for u ...i hatred u ...u far from me...i worship u...u have my heart i miss ur sea eyes and ur heart purity how i can dalliance ur lips ...u r angel...if my love for u price my life i will be ready to pay my life let me feel on pleasure life through ur body swim my tongue across my words tune up hill ur naked enter ur heart through pleasure which we want togather cause u r my saint i look like candel burn to meet ur body ...blow out with ur love colness ...or make it light all world by ur body flam...when i invasion ur body that dont be enough ..cause i want to be inside u ...wear ur body..i want to be ur heart ..ur voice....i want to belong to ur valleys...ur gardens .....ur appetite volcano....u r my breath my flam on ur body .....burn me ....but can u burn ash cause iam ur love ash

Monday, May 22, 2006

Stop that racket man

Some fool is continually whistling in my office. Which annoys me greatly. For starters, it is impossible to discern what it is he be whistling, and further more it does not sound like music and is not befitting an office such as this. Just because he is banned from whistling at home, does not mean he should impose such noise on my eardrums. He has just left the office, and he is ginger to boot. One often finds these people, in general, (as generalisations are a valid), to be in possession of moody temperaments. Why so gingers?

Nothing more to add. I have had a lack of ideas lately. Someone give me something to write about and I will do it a great disservice.

Friday, May 05, 2006


Dennis Taylor. Look at his funny glasess , ha ha!

He isn't my favourite snookerer. I'm not really a fan of men who hang out in dank and dark rooms playing with their balls.

Who is your favourite snookerer?

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

I laugh at windows

It is funny to see a wasp or some other winged animal try to fly through a window. They think because it is see through, it is not there, even after pointless exertion trying to get through it. But we humans know it is there. It is funny to laugh at lesser life forms, until they sting or bite you and make you go to hospital and cry.

Then who’s laughing.

You won't get in unless you change the laws of matter, you foolish fiend. Away.

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