Thursday, April 20, 2006

Books read 2005: The rise and fall of the Soviet Empire by Raymond Pearson & Rumours of a hurricane by Tim Lott

21.The Rise and Fall of the Soviet Empire by Raymond Pearson (1997)

My favourite book about the USSR. Concise and very engagingly written. Focuses on the big events 56’ 68’ 80’ 91’, never thought about the fact that they were all 12 years apart, well except 91’ but you could say 92’ as that is when the USSR was properly wound up and no mas. No idea what I’m talking about? Ok. Nevermind.

22. Rumours Of A Hurricane by Tim Lott (2003)

A novel set around the Thatcher era, with the lives running parallel to it; Home ownership, greed, upward mobility, unemployment, fun stuff. Basically an indictment of that time as an uncaring selfish society. Very unsentimental ending, I wanted a happy ending. Guess there weren't many during her reign.

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