Friday, May 05, 2006


Dennis Taylor. Look at his funny glasess , ha ha!

He isn't my favourite snookerer. I'm not really a fan of men who hang out in dank and dark rooms playing with their balls.

Who is your favourite snookerer?

I like Ray Reardon. He looks like a vampire!

I also like Steve Davis. He is funny. Him and Virgo are funnier than Cannon and Ball.
I liked Steve Davis in those food ads for interesting food. Ha ha!!

I also liked the mentalist aussie who used to do pool breaks and he disgraced the game with such actions.
snookerer. that's my word which you stole from me.

give it back immediately before i have to send the boys round.

Fancyclown, you talk, of course, of self-styled bad boy Quentin Hann.
I like Ronnie O'Sullivan, he sets my lady bits alight in ways I can't understand.
Doug Mountjoy always looked like a hard bastard.
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