Friday, January 13, 2006

Big Brother: Bullying and hypocrisy

It's been quite uncomfortable viewing watching Jodie Marsh being bullied in the Big Brother house. Regardless of her faults as a person, it's been thoroughly unpleasant and at times bizarre, with the repellent Pete Burns and pathetic Michael Barrymore, of all people, criticising her and suggesting she listen to their advice. She has been unable to answer back, have an opinion (regardless how stupid) or talk, without being subject to more hostile abuse, and has the indignity of being labelled a "wicked" person by George Galloway, a man who it could be argued has often been a cheerleader for wicked leaders.

In today’s Guardian Germaine Greer stands up for Jodie; "Lay off poor Jodie, you big bullies"

The housemates have identified her as vulnerable and have piled on, baying and snapping like hyenas. Like the little ape, she is watchful, tearful, ingratiating, manipulative, outfoxed and outnumbered. Nothing she says or does can prevent the fangs tearing into her flesh.
The males, meanwhile, scream and chatter at her, unmindful that what is pouring from their mouths is vicious nonsense. She tries to defend herself, by uselessly reiterating her point of view. Even Michael Barrymore keeps telling her to shut up and listen to his mumbled drivel. The adult females behave exactly as simian females would: they leave her to the tender mercies of the males. The worst bully - so vain that he doesn't suspect how savagely he is being cut down to size by Big Brother - is George Galloway, who is actually blaming Jodie for the fact that Barrymore keeps collapsing in fits of blubbering. Anyone who can remember what a thoroughly supercilious and nasty performer Barrymore always was, must watch unmoved as he dissolves in snot and tears. For Galloway to blame Barrymore's pathetic condition on Jodie Marsh is outrageous.
And she has a pop at Pete Burns too, and echoes my sentiments:

Pete Burns, tottering about bent-kneed in his high heels, displaying his chimp arse through his semi-transparent tights, and demanding the right to spend an hour each day in one of only two toilets for 11 people, some of whom are now being forced to vomit repeatedly, is not like anyone I know. He is not even like himself. He is a hideous chimera, and he knows it. His hatred of Jodie stems from his recognition of a kindred spirit. But Jodie is only half as fake as he is, and nowhere near as badly scarred. One day soon Jodie will wash her face and get a life.

I hope she does, for her own sake.

I'd like to see "monkey suited" Pete Burns get the boot tonight, tosser. Galloway can stay in, to diminish further any "Respect" anyone had for him in the first place. Meow.

amen. amen. The outright misogyny of the three middle-aged men beggars belief. That GG, the so-called progressive leftist, has joined in makes me want to vomit.
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