Monday, January 09, 2006


Pictures of my holiday to Finland. Bad food and expense aside, good place, especially for those melon collie types, there is no daylight really. Don't go in you have SAD. And please don't go there on your infantile package holidays in your matching ski suits (courtesy of the tour operator), whilst standing around doing nothing but from moan about the cold. What did you expect you dumbass Daily Mail readers? There was the worst of England on display, it has to be said.

Looks a bit like the front cover of "The wind up Bird Chronicle, don't you think? I never think.

Person on a plastic tray.

A slope that people go down on plastic things.

A Reindeer, they are partial to this animal in Finland.

Crap picture

The moon, I think.

A wig wam

Is that you on the snowboard?
Radical man, that's like totally gnarly.
Very pretty pictures. I like your love.
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