Saturday, December 10, 2005

Danny Williams vs. Audley Harrison

"Danny's an underachiever. Whenever the time has come for him to step up and show what he's got he has failed."

"I refuse to lose to a club fighter such as Danny Williams because that's all he is. After my beating Danny, you really should consider hanging up your gloves."

Audley Harrison

The hubris spouted by boxers makes their defeats humorous affairs. I thought Williams would win, based purely on the the inept displays I saw from Harrison when he was ripping off the BBC. Plus Williams for all his flaws, has a a big scalp to his name, Mike Tyson.

Plus he can actually punch.
I watched the fight. All the way through. Even though my head kept telling me it was shite, I was hanging on in the hope that something exciting would happen.

Boxing's funny like that, they could do with having 'ring invasions' and such like gimmicks. If a fight is getting boring then Don King could run round the ring shouting 'DO NOT BESMIRCHIFY MY INTELLIGENCE'. Or something.

Good blogging btw moullet. Well done old chap.
Blog owner approval? Are you screening comments? I larfed at that text you sent me about weeing myself a little bit. Julie didn't like it. You still scare her. I don't think you'll be allowed to the wedding.
Authorise my comments you whore
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