Thursday, December 01, 2005

Jamie Oliver & Turkey Twizzlers

If I owned a Turkey I would call it Twizzler. And if Jamie Oliver ever popped round for dinner that is what he would eat, and if the fat tongued mockney didn't like it, he could go hungry.

Abusing Jamie Oliver aside, the boys done good. And here is the problem; for every 21 Restaurant venture, Jamie’s school dinner’s lark, he has to go and lose any good will I have towards him by doing another moronic Sainbury's advert. Look at the latest one; It informs us that we are nearly always asleep, even when we shop. Is this proven fact? Where do Sainsbury's get off telling us when we are sleeping?

Anyway, Turkey Twizzlers don't look appetising; look at them, they're like some form of demonic tapeworm.

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