Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band: Fancy dress malarky

Next weekend, me and three others are attending a pop star fancy dress birthday party. My idea to go as the Beatles, circa Sgt Peppers won, so we get to wear bright military costumes and fetching mustaches, and i think we will likely butcher Beatles classics on the karaoke. I can't sing (FORCED to mime at Primary school) and i feel sorry for anyone who likes the Beatles who is there. I feel bad about ruining the Beatles back catalogue, apologies. Maybe i can hide when we have to sing.

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For you information, all we need to do is to pay attention to the basic rules of english whilst the way we express ourselves with the language may actually be the result of importing our unique cultural perspectives into our usage of the language. Something called the transliteration of cultures. That can only enrich the perspectives communicated via the language which to-date seems to be monopolised solely by the perspectivally-challenged western one. Of course, being brit, you wouldn't know better, unless you are a multicultural person in language and experience. And what is the term 'piss-take'? An illustration of the vitality of the english language, the perspectives that it imparts, not forgetting the intellectual vibrance of the writer? Don't get 'american' on me now. Surely you don't expect the whole world to be well-versed in your juvenile slang do you? Colonialism is over. Or didn't you know.

If you have something constructive to say with regards to the issue, you are most welcome. If not, just occupy yourself with the inanities that you seem most adept at as illustrated in your blog. Keep up the unrelatd spam and you will get a 100 fold in return. Terror begets terror. 7/7 ought to have taught you that.
Dear me, your inability it write in clear English was a relevent point, regardless of the subject matter at hand,though why you needed to write a lengthy essay on Halloween is beyond my comprehension.

"transliteration" thanks for teaching me a new word which i look forward to never using. And yes, my blog is innane, but i never claimed it to be other wise. Unlike your blog with its lofty tone and utterly indecipherable pretentious prose. Thank you for the comment, or written terror as youy term it.
Inquisitor seems like a right party animal doesn't he.
empty vessels make the most noise.

ill nok is hed off 4 ya moullet
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