Tuesday, October 18, 2005

"Books on Naturism, please"

In Waterstones last Thursday (the most uninspiring book shop, makes me not want to buy books) standing by the upstairs till, scanning the shelf’s for books I wasn’t going to buy. Up trundles a man with a squeaky voice, sure sign of an eccentric or loon. He asks for books on naturism. I did a mental double take, maybe he said nature, but no, he wants books about people swanning around in their unshaven naked glory, or gory more likely.

I was looking at the shelf trying to not let my lips crack into laughter. I admired the assistant’s professionalism. He didn’t even smile, a straight face throughout, even when reading out titles such as; “Naturism and the family” and “Naturist photography”, both out of print apparently, and for him unfortunately.

So the man who likes communal nakedness left the shop disappointed. I looked to the assistant for some acknowledgement of the humouress nature(ism) (sorry) of the situation. No, not even a smile. What professionalism.

Maybe naturism isn’t funny and I am incredibly unenlightened, immature, and jealous of their uninhibited nature(ism). (Again..)

It is very immature to laugh at naked people. Unless they are fat, hairy or both. Like me.

The assistant was probably way above laughing at willys. He works at Waterstones for christs sake, such mirth is reserved for employees of the 99p bookshop in the shopping centre. The one that sells George Best autobiographys, tarot reading sets and big glossy stats books about the 1999 FA Premier League
I think naturists are well funny especially when they wear sandals and socks and go rambling.
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