Friday, October 07, 2005

Berlin Wall Graffiti

The Berlin Wall. One good thing about it was its Graffiti. They were a bit more creative than writing such things as "cock" "Steve is Gay 4Ever" "Up the Reds" etc. Urchins could learn from these pictures, and put to use their pent up frustration in a more meaningful way.

Brezhnev and Honecker having a snog. Aww, bless.

cock piss partridge
So i see you have started a blog just to bismirch my blog with your innane rantings.
Today's taggers: no ideology, no motivation, no talent, no nothin'...What can ya do?
inane? it was vaguely relevant. in that you mentioned the word 'cock'.

and the phrase cock piss partridge is not used enough in day to day life.

steve! he's coming out!

i also remember you telling me to comment anonymously on your blog so you seem more popular. you seem to have disabled anon posting though, is this because you were being overwhelmed with offers for wonderful home business great action home business oppurtunity. For great oppurtunity please visit for home business oppurtunity.
hmm, yes, that's oppOrtunity.

not to be picky, mind.
i told you didant i tom. i dont like assosiating with ur sort on ere.
You live in a travel Tavern in Wigan Paul. And you have microwave burgers for you dinner.
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