Sunday, August 28, 2005


Is this the smuggest man in the world ever?

John Birt delivered the MacTaggart lecture at last weekend's Edinburgh Festival, not that anyone cares except media types, and the Guardian who deemed it necessary to put this as a leading article on it's website. I won't bother putting up the speech. All you need to know about this man is that, I think, he popularised management speak. The reason for putting you head in your hands while reading work directives and memos. Blue Sky thinking and all of that.

What The Office did best was render this type of silly management speak unusable. Who dares utter it now without being laughed at? Even our trainer at HMV tried to be funny about saying "there’s nothing wrong with making money", by apeing David Brent. Well HMV, fuck you, you made me want to become a Marxist and I wish nothing for your company but hard times and misery.

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