Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Peeling an Orange with Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel

Difficult Orange. I try and peel it, not easily done. It's rock hard and as i think of contemptuosly launching it into a bin, "Don't give up" by Kate Bush & Peter Gabriel enters my head. This spurs me on to peel it, to not give up, i couldn't now. I took a knife to it and plunged in. The pith was thick, like London Smog, back when it was like that, in the old days. Or like the boy at the back of the class at school, throwing things. My dextrous fingers attempted to
remove this white and orange encasing from the reward within...

I still gave up though. It made the bin smell nice.

The really mental thing about this post...for me...was that I was peeling an orange when I clicked on your blog.
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