Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Pet Taxidermy

"I just wanted to tell you and your staff Thank You for your work on Petunia... I am extremely happy with the results. I have gotten many unique responses when people have seen her. The best one was "I thought you told me your cat died?" It is so good to have her back home with me."

"Myself and my family could not be any happier with the results of what you did with misty. Thank you for the care you put into her, It feels like we have a complete family again. I can't wait to show her off now. I will highly recommend your services to anyone thinking of another alternative. And YES when I do come home or when I wake up and before I go to bed I always take a few moments out to talk to her just like before. Thanks again!!!!!!"

Well, it's an option.

Reason 64591746716 not to have a clearly turns you into a mentalist.
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