Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Sort out this Pensions mess your-self

Be Pension Minister for the day by doing this quiz/Interactive thing from the TUC website (Union people, not biscuit brand. I have no Idea what TUC biscuits make of pensions) on the Pension “crisis”. What would you do?

My proposals largely pissed off Employers, Pension experts and Women, but the TUC were relatively happy with what I suggested.


I recommended the state pension should stay at 65 and people should be compelled to contribute to a work pension scheme. It has to be done, stop them moaning about not having money for cruises and the like in the future (Don’t think the payout will be that good though). Quite statist really, forcing people to save. I’m not a Libertarian it seems. Maybe Gordon Brown will follow the same route.

Pensions are a tedious business to us youngsters. Better to spend while you have it, worry about old age later, when it arrives and it’s too late. Let the kids look after you, move into their homes, raid the fridge, alcohol cabinet. Make up for their behaviour as youth. Not even had children yet, it’s a good bit of forward planning though.

It’s what happens in other countries, a duty, one that should be brought in when I get to end age, but not before, obviously.

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