Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Kate Bush: An Introduction to Womenfolk

47 years old, still looking fantastic. If I were a lady, I would like to look like her when I turned that age. Visual aesthetics aside, Bush has a new album out, which is receiving much praise:Playlouder, Guardian, Music OMH.

Kate might have been the first woman to awaken me to the essential differences between the two sexes, as I recall (after recently re-viewing it) her Babooska video made my 6 or 7-year-old self feel slightly strange.

It was Kyle Minogue though, who was the first female with the glorious distinction of garnering my affection, this was back in 1988, when “I should be so lucky” was at number 1, and she had a huge perm. The 80’s were a laugh (except for those who lived down mines, or underneath newspaper buildings, and for people in general, who didn’t neccesarily work underground) when people couldn’t look good for love nor (Loadsa) money. Harry Enfield, you funny man.

If you came here to read a review of Kate Bush’s new album, profuse apologises. I will have one up when Bush brings out her next album.

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