Thursday, December 08, 2005

Moths go to the Moon please

I was informed at work that Moths are attracted to light because they are attracted to the moon. I’m not sure about the validity of this information, but it poses questions in my mind. What if all the lights in the world were turned off, would they then fly to the Moon? Obviously it’s too far for them. Maybe NASA, with the public good in mind, could put them on a spaceship to the moon. When they get there though, the Moon will no longer be bright, but dull, so then they will have to find something else to fly to, and this could prove expensive to keep flying them off to other bright objects in the sky. Would be a fantastical waste of money though.

I don’t much like moths though; their obsession with lights is infantile, and they are a thoroughly annoying aspect of summer nights, keeping me awake by flying around into windows and walls. Send them to the Moon, be gone.

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