Monday, December 05, 2005

Words to Hate: "Podcast"

Yeah, what a crock of shit this term is. Along with new fandangled technology comes the inevitable loathsome jargon. It’s just more cack mouthed double speak, no better than much loved management speak, your blue windows cleaning or whatever it is, thinking. I’m sure it’s a word the Oxford Dictionary can live without.

Why not broadcast? It’s not as If you have to download it to your I-Pod in order to listen to it, and I don’t care about the technicalities here, sod ‘em.

What next? Pod song, pod file, pea pod. Pfft. Stop it now, you sad techy twats.

I can listen to audio on the Internet without all this business, and download It onto my I-Pod as well, if I had one. What started as abuse aimed at a word has become abuse aimed at the actual entity Itself, If you can call it an entity.

“Podsafe” It gets worse.

I had a big old rant about this the other day...and I am a big iPod etc fan but the me a favour. I reckon all jargonistic words should be replaced with swear words...'Oh I am doing a NobCast, please tune in etc'... That'd learn em!
i agree. i cannot believe THIS was chosen as the word of the year. whatever happened to LANGUAGE, people!
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