Friday, April 07, 2006

Whatever happened to glue sniffing?

I remember it being a big thing in the 80’s, I'm sure there were public safety adverts saying don’t sniff glue, though I don't vividly remember much from the 80's, as I was between the age of 0 and 9. Never really saw the appeal in sniffing the stuff myself. Perhaps because my experience with glue was confined to pritt stick, which I doubt was a sufficient strength to get high from. I used to chew felt tip pens instead, tangy.

Maybe aerosols have replaced glue; I imagine those of us who don’t fancy aerosol addiction can have a watered down taster version, where we just sniff our armpits after spraying them with pungent Lynx, those of us who think it’s sophisticated and not for 14 year olds.

If I sniffed glue, this is the glue I wolud sniff.

Another thing people used to worry about: dog shit in playgrounds making children go blind.
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