Friday, March 24, 2006

The Lynx effect

Teachers bemoan curse of the 'Lynx effect'

The average 13-year-old lad doesn't realise it yet, but no amount of Lynx deodorant will get attractive women drooling over him. In fact they are more likely to throw open the window, gasping for air. Dozens of teachers have complained to the Times Educational Supplement online staffroom about the menace of the "Lynx effect" - teenage armpits doused in the stuff. Messages indicate that although the Lynx habit often starts in primary school, 13-year-olds are the worst culprits. The potent aroma even drives some staff to open windows when pupils return from PE, because they find it hard to breathe. One teacher commented: "My son is in Year 9, and reeks of the vile stuff. Is Year 9 when they discover girls?" Another in her early 20s wrote: "About a year ago I made my boyfriend stop using Lynx because he smelled like a Year 9. It took a bit of persuading."

Oh dear, I am 25 and I still wear Lynx. Shaming myself.

I wear quite expensive toilet water though.

My toilet water is also should see my council tax bill.
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