Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A post about a dog, Bros and Karl Marx. Not tenuous links, as you may think

For the last 16 years our darling dog, Tweed, has made it be known to me that she does not enjoy me going anywhere near her dinner. Sinister growling ahoy whenever i went near the substance she believes to be food. Those delicious lumps of tripe, yes Tweed, I was so interested in biting into that feast.

Anyway, even when she is not interested in her food (it dawning on her that what lies beneath her nose is perhaps not brilliant, but hey, defend whats yours, primal instinct) she would still a growl and grumble. But alas no more, in her old age she has given up, not bothered anymore. I stood by her food making growling noises in an attempt to tempt her to the food, grrrr and brrrr and one where i sort of stick my tongue out and, well its hard to explain, she just lay there looking, given up, the will for battle gone. After a brief time i looked around and she had walked to the kitchen, looking at me with a half hearted "do we have to keep up this charade?"expression. Well, no, but you started it.

When will I will I be famous?
I can't answer I can't answer that.
When will I see my picture in a blog?
Bros* "When will I be famous?" 1988

When you close your eyes and wish upon a bag of tripe.

*You may laugh at Bros, but I was only 8 when I liked them, and they had educational value. It was they who introduced me to a fella called Karl Marx;"You've read Karl Marx and you've taught yourself to dance" not that he's had any profound effect on me, and I don't think I ever learned to dance.

Oh! a very touching post. My little brother (well he was actually a dog) also started behaving in the same way in his old days. When he was young, we used to play boxing, tug-of-war, running, chasing, fighting, he biting me really hard...and what not. But all his those spirits slowly left him as he got older, though sometimes he used to try, but always failed, panting.

How old is your dog? If you ever visit my blog, that's the picture of my dog-brother.
Oops! Sorry! I see her age mentioned at the first line. I completely forgot about it.
I don't have a dog but we do have a rug not unlike that one.
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