Sunday, March 12, 2006

Cricket: India vs. England 2nd Test, gaaa!

England in just a slight bit of trouble, an optimist speaks. 112-5, a lead of 75. A whole day left. Flintoff and Jones have to equal their first innings performances, though with it being a fifth day wicket, it looks an unlikely prospect. A lead of 200 would give the bowlers a chance, a small one. Hopefully Panesar can have a Kumble esque innings, we need him to, no pressure or anything.

And holy shit... Not really a fan of one day cricket, but Australia broke the world record for runs in an innings, by amassing 434. You'd think a world record would be enough to win the game? South Africa thought you were wrong, and very rudely broke the record straight away with 438, with only 1 ball and 1 wicket to spare. I will have to start acquiring an interest in the shorter game. Insane.

BBC Report

I can't remember the source now, but I read somewhere that a couple of Australians bet $20,000 at 1/200 on Australia to win after the 1st innings.
Suppose if you're rich enough its a quick way to make $200 profit in a night.
Unless the flamin galas go and lose the match. Throw another shrimp on the barbie!
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