Monday, March 06, 2006

Don't drink Cider. Ever

Don't do it. How can anyone drink this liquid? It's all very well at first, it even tasted quite nice. I like apples, but not fermented. This cider, Cheddar Valley, 6% strong, two pints and I was well on my way. Three pints of lager later and I had a scorching hammerhead the morning after, and the afternoon after and the evening. Playing football and heading the ball helped no end. I had to fester in goal after ten minutes, useless.

Recalled memories of being 15 years old and drinking the super filthy White Lightning, and falling over the sofa and breaking the video cabinet. And falling through the stair railings. And being sick, missing the toilet and the projectile muck hitting the wall. And the inevitable lecture the morning after. 'Alcohol use it, don't abuse it'. Wise words.

What type of pub only sells cider? It’s madness. Leave Cider drinking to the professionals: farmers, tramps and 15 year olds.

No mas.

"The colour of this unique cider give it a vibrant character all its own for those who want an alternative refreshing drink with a touch of natural sparkle"

Think I'll pass in future.

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