Sunday, March 05, 2006

Cricket: England vs. India 1st Test

On yer bike Tendulker, get out. Monty Panesar's first test wicket, none other than Mr Tendulkar

Third day,an enthralling game, pity I can't watch it. But cricket can be enjoyed in all forms of media, Internet, Audio as well as the visual medium. Plus Sky's cricket coverage is just the pants. Though Atherton is a welcome addition to the natterin' box.

Being a superstitious kind of a fellow, my early morning ritual over the last few days has brought good news. Wake,7:30am, turn on BBC1, bring up teletext, page 350 check the score. Day 1 England 72-1, good start. Day 2, after being 246-7, I look at the live score 391-9, what!? Dreams, the fine line between dreaming and reality, a matter of a few minutes, that altered state of consciousness, but no this be the real deal (I was drunk when I wrote that). Day 3 India 190-7, what!? Ok, things leveled off when I arrived at work each day, but those early morning surprises make me feel I should wake and check at 7:30am tomorrow, but the bottle of wine in my system suggests otherwise. It is a weekend, and I am a lush.

Another hunch, premonition, call it what you will; but I thought Monty's first test wicket would be Tendulkar LBW. Though I had Sachin out on 143, not 16. Just saw Monty's last wicket, and what a ball it was. In my opinion maybe as good as Warne's ball of the century back in '93, it looked as good aesthetically.

As for those who doubt the mobility and athleticism, there has been many a picture of Monty 3 feet and rising off the ground.

Cue pun fun in the tabloids, headlines so obvious there is no need to write them here.

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