Thursday, March 02, 2006

England Cricket: Me, Nostradamus

England lined up exactly as I predicted, no, suggested they would. Wish I had put money on that, might have won a pound. I think this validates my cricket expertise now.

Oh the Test, England 246-7 at stumps on day one recovered very well on day two, finishing 393 all out, with a maiden century from Collingwood proving what a good player he is turning out to be on the subcontinent. His last three innings there have all reaped 50+ runs. Hard to see how he will be budged from the Test side now.

Panesar qualmed fears about his perceived batting inadequacies by displaying a cautious defense which showed that he can hold up an end in a Hoggardesque fashion, which allowed Collingwood to get the runs at the other, to notch his first test century.

Collingwood having just batted himself into Test permanency?

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