Thursday, February 23, 2006

Blogs that like to watch

These really annoy me, oh very much so. There is something very pompous and self important about people who deem it necessary to set up a blog who’s sole purpose it to watch over a website, person or journalist. Sort of reminds me of the over zealous neighbourhood watch leader on the third series of Little Britain. You know the sort; “I’ve got my eye on you.” Fair enough if the owner of said blogs are looking for contradictions and hypocrisy in a persons work, but to me they are a way for people to draw attention to themselves, “look, look at me, I’m a purveyor of freedom and truth, I’ll catch them out etc blah”, and because you are guaranteed an audience if you start devoting your life to criticising a blog (why didn’t I think of that?)

Anyway, the logical conclusion for the genre of watching blogs is for there to be a watch watch. Where a blog watches a watch tick all day, to see if it’s ticking in an ideologically consistent way. Or it could chart the changes in watchmaking from day to day. Do interviews with G Shock watches, then run over them in a big 4x4, perhaps TimWestwoods absurd van, replete with his face painted on the bonnet, to see if they still work. Goodone.

I just can’t be doing with people who comment on watching blogs either.

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