Sunday, February 19, 2006


I have been on holiday the last few weeks, hence the lack of posts.

I could have said that, or told the truth; which is that I haven't been arsed to update lately even though there is lots I want to write about. Just can't be arsed, you dig?

It only seems fitting that I leave you (for now) with a lyric from the poet laureate Ghostface Killah:

"Supercalifragalisticexpialidocious/ Dociousaliexpifragalisticcalisuper/ Cancun, catch me in the room, eatin' grouper" Indeed.

Drinking Martini at the moment. Never before drank this pseudo sophisticat rubbish, but it is quite ok, even though I am diluting it with water.

My policy with spirits - the drinking sort - is to mix only with water, yet this is only 15% proof, so I can hardly have reasonable reason to mix it with water. I have done so though. And it is not bottle water from a French field in the valleys of the Loire, but lovely tap water from the West Midlands off all places.

I want to be in Cancun, eating Grouper.

This is Cancun, I think it to be in Mexico.

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