Tuesday, February 07, 2006


This man is in a box, but I can't get his foolish words out of my head. Help.

Yes, I have the great misfortune of having the jazzed up version of Leo Sayer's song "Thunder in my heart" continually playing in my head. A lamentable state of affairs, why not Hey Jude or London calling?

Some foolish DJ with an equally foolish name, Meck, stumbled across the original in a second hand record shop. Mr Meck, it was probably there because it's owner deemed it to be crap, and not fit for human ears. Yet you sir, have decided to give a new lease of life to this vestige of 70's disco disaster. Meck claims: "Lyrically it is so heartfelt and angst-ridden." Mr You make me feel like dancing will now be seen in a new light. Here are the main lyrics for those who wish to join me in my head:

"I feel a thunder in my heart/where it comes from I just don't know/oh no, oh no/there's a storm ragin' deep in my soul/there's a howlin' wind that I just can't control/there's a fire inside me I can't explain/every time you touch me my love falls like rain."

Ivor Novella material.

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