Thursday, January 26, 2006

Books read 2005: The Wind up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami & Amsterdam by Ian McEwan

3.The Wind up Bird Chronicle by Haruki Murakami (1994)

Brilliant, mystical and elliptical novel. Bizarre and very engrossing. Murakami must be one the best novelists in the world today. I recommend reading this while listening to “Leftism” by Leftfield. It makes sense. Good reading music. Music with too many vocals is a distraction whilst reading is it not?

4.Amsterdam by Ian McEwan(1998)

Booker prizewinner. Very clever, well written and readable, like most McEwans work.

How much Murakami have you read, Fancyclown? Only ask because Wind-Up Bird is widely touted by the cognoscenti to be his greatest, and I have my doubts - great parts (the Manchurian torture scene is like something out of American Psycho) but it does ramble on a bit...

Much prefer the more succinct South Of The Border, West Of The Sun; or indeed the newie, Kafka On The Shore.

Agree with you comment about wordless music to read by. I'm enjoying Bach and a jazz guitarist called Gabor Szabo.

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Amsterdam was indeed clever. very few current books evoke the magic of nail-biting mystery, and it accomplished that in no small measure. Fingersmith is another great that I would put in this category.
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