Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Smoking warning labels: The sniper warning issue further explored

Carrying on an idea that Mr Brooker has probably long forgot may seem like a redundant exercise, but who wants entropy, when you can slip into the easy and comfortable armchair of redundancy? I hope work don't make me redundant though.

Right warning label ideas:

This one, in black and white. Outdoor setting not really appropriate for indoor snipering, but that’s just tedious details. Warning could be: "Sniper seeks smoker who doesn't respect the law, don't let it be you" in the style of a lonely hearts advert.

I like this one best. You’d have to remove the website though. Don’t want to advertise a lunatic gun website on a packet of fags. Makes it seem as if guns are ok, they are not. Except for sniping smokers who break rules, there is a distinction. Look at his mean and scary face, grrrrr! You’d shit yourself if you ran in to him armed or unarmed, or with him having no arms. Or just laugh down the barrel of his gun at his ridiculous beard and wifebeater vest, then run off. Notice the subtle eliding of guns with American constitutional rights, the stars and stripes waving at you in the background.

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