Saturday, March 11, 2006

Cricket: India vs. England 2nd Test day 3, England nudging it

All assumptions about the batter friendliness of the pitch seem to have been wide of the mark. We were told before both tests that England could ill afford scores of lower than 450, yet they have not reached those heights of batting prowess. Neither have the hosts. Either the wickets are not as tame as we were led to believe, or the bowlers are doing a sterling job sending men back to the pavilion.

Flintoff did get the big score that he was due, 70. And Jones put on 52, a much needed performance from the always under pressure keeper. England's 300 looked paltry, but India finished on 149-4. A very good performance by England's bowlers, with the wickets evenly distributed.

A result still unlikely, but if England can topple India early tomorrow, you never know.

You have a very nice blog here. I especially like the short but to the point post about the cartoon.

Yeah! England is really playing remarkably well (atleast that's why I think without almost all their top players gone). But, please tell me one thing - why they keep on including Strauss for every game when he has not be able to do any good performance since the Pakistan tour (if I am not mistaken)?
What you say about Strauss is true, But, he hasn't done badly enough to be dropped yet from the side. He has been excellent up until the Pakistan tour, so we can't write him off yet.
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