Thursday, March 09, 2006

Cricket: India vs. England 2nd Test, Day 1

Pietersen on his way to 64, and being the scapegoat again

Confusion before the test as to what the wicket would do, Agnew said it would spin, Boycott said no need to play two spinners, rubbish idea. India picked three, England picked one. Matters were complicated by the groundsmen showing off two different wickets, not that I actually know which one they used.

Anyway England are in a precarious situation at 164-4, the consensus being that this is a 400 plus 1st Innings wicket. Over two hours lost to the weather didn’t help England’s batting gain any rhythm, but weather will do what it does. If one more wicket tumbles early tomorrow then England will have their work cut out to get close to 400. Collingwood will have to repeat his 1st test form, and Flintoff is due a big score I reckon.

Geraint Jones will be under pressure to do well with the bat in this innings, as he is already on the receiving end of a lot of big sticks for his wicketkeeping. A decent score would placate the critics somewhat, who think that if he’s not scoring, why is he in the team? I like watching Jones bat, very stylish; it would be good to see him do well tomorrow.

Pietersen hit 64, but will undoubtedly be criticised for his attacking style of play and not getting a bigger score on a decent wicket. This criticism for me is more to do with his brash personality and lack of batting decorum, rather than his performances. A scapegoat for all seasons, leave the formerly skunk hair do one be. The wagging finger of criticism would be better pointed in other player’s directions, namely Andrew Strauss. A player who struggled in Pakistan and is doing so here, yet his poor performances slip under the radar, and as such is immune from criticism.

A first day gallery of the men in whites playing the cricket from Cricinfo

Good day to you.

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