Friday, July 15, 2005

What my keyboard could look like, Smoking bans

Smoking is bad for keyboards as well.

If anyone is interested, here is a blog that supports the rights of us smokers, to smoke where we please, when we please. Smokers Liberation Front

Regarding a ban in pubs and such other places, i'm no longer sure it's a bad idea. Having been in smoke free bars in New Zealand i tended to think a ban was a good idea. Mainly because you didn't come out of bars saturated in smoke with your eyes stinging. It's all right smoking on your own or with a few others, but when there are dozens of people in a confined space, it isn't pleasant, even for smokers.

A ban on smoking in bars is seen as an infringement on smoker’s rights, and further evidence of a “nannyism” that must protect us from everything. I agree with this in part, (the banning of smoking in all public places though, wait a minute!) but the idea of leaving a bar or club with my clothes smelling only of sweat and alcohol sounds like a good idea.

I don't like it when i have a cold virus and some body smokes on the bus when they are not suppose to it is unpleasant.
There is an upside to the smoking ban - especially for smokers.

You will need to carry a packet of three with you when the ban lands in Britain.

Gratutious plug for the posting on my blog about exactly this - here:
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