Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Backpackers magazine

I have found an online version of the hilarious Britishballs backpackers magazine, that made me laugh out loud several times whilst bumming around Australia. Fed up of dry news reporting?, Po faced opinion?, Servile entertainment news?, Steve Davis (boring that is) sports coverage? Then go here British Balls. A very entertaining, hugely libelous (maybe) read.
Some examples:
"Skeletor's love child, Victoria Beckham, and her gimp husband have shelled out £360,000 for three bomb-proof cars to protect their children when they drive them to school.Beckham's security advised him to purchase the steel-clad BMW X5s, that have their own air supplies in case of chemical attacks, and bullet proof tyres, after threats against his three sons. Dressed in a tuxedo, wearing a spontaneously combusting watch, a source crooned: "These motors are pure James Bond."
"Wildman England coach Sven-Goran Eriksson has confirmed David Beckham will stay on as captain for the 2006 World Cup. But the Swede insisted he was "very lucky" to have a host of potential captains to choose from. Eriksson whispered: "We have many who could do the job but, once again, I can say that I have no intention of changing the captain. "I am very happy with the one I have. The idea that I would think about changing captains is rather silly," he continued before throwing a TV set out of the window and going on to an all-night pool party with loose women."
"Great news. The Spice Girls won't be playing at Live Aid II because, erm, they're crap basically.Organisers have decided that their 'plastic pop music' isn't what the concert needs.The girls created fear across the nation, when they promised to reunite for the first time in seven years at the event on July 2.Thankfully though, a BBC source delivered the good news, rejoicing: "The Spice Girls offered their services but they don't fit the bill. With all respect to them, Live 8 isn't Party in the Park," as they cracked open a bottle of Cristal. Gutted."
That's proper news coverage, is that.

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