Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Right Idea, Wrong man

Malcolm Rifkind has decided to "throw his hat into the ring" and put himself forward for the Tory Leadership contest, maybe. Matthew Tempest can't resist the urge to use the old cliché.

"Sir Malcolm Rifkind will unofficially throw his hat into the Conservative leadership ring today, with a speech urging the party to reclaim the "centre ground" when Michael Howard steps down." Matthew Tempest Guardian

Predictable fun aside, Rifkind has a point; "The reality is that winning back the centre ground is not an option, but a necessity for the Conservative party." One that should have been obvious to the Tories, let's say, hmmm, maybe back in 1998/9. Rifkind's association with the Thatcher and Major Governments won't help his appeal to the general voter. Not that he was ever found naked with Midgets or donkeys, to the best of my knowledge. Sleaze free! However a younger, fresher face would likely be there best bet. Cameron or Osborne come to mind, but being relative newcomers, it's hard to tell on what side of the party they have set up camp.

"One more heave" at the next election, with their current ideology will likely result in another disaster. A bold step forward, them scuttling back to the centre with their tales between their legs, a charismatic leader and finding that missing intangible would be the best bet for re-election.

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