Friday, June 10, 2005

That joke isn't funny anymore

"An Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman walk into a brothel..."

I find jokes to be largely unfunny. You know, three men go in to a bar... What's the difference between...Why did the... An Englishman, an Irishman... Obviously a lot of humour isn't spontaneous, of the moment. Sitcoms, stand up, etc are all premeditated, but at their best they make you laugh. Jokes, rarely are at their best.

I'm writing about humour in a social sense, between people, in a pub etc. Jokes are mostly told by people who often don't have a real sense of humour, who can't be witty, cant make funny observations, who rely on someone else’s humour for theirs. A last resort to make people laugh, rather than being able to be self-deprecating and allowing the laughs to be on them. When jokes are told in a gathering, there are usually lots of them. Everyone has to get one or two in. You sit there, and 90% of the time, feign laughter. After sitting through the joke you feel compelled to laugh at the punch line, out of politeness. Jokes are the humour of expectation. They expect laughter, rather than earn it. Nowadays i just shake my head, 'Weak, that was really weak mate'

I don't tell jokes. But maybe no one thinks i'm funny.

you are funny... and i think that jokes used wittily (is that a word?) work really well. i can't think of an example, but oh well. no one thinks i'm funny unless i don't mean to be.
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