Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Books read 2005: "Money" & "Blair in his own words"

1.Money by Martin Amis (1986)

Amis’s finest novel. 80’s excess in all its vulgar glory. New York and London are well rendered, and the parodies of faded Hollywood stars are very funny.

After reading Amis most other books writing styles seem a bit dour and pedestrian. Regardless of criticisms concerning the lack of plot, style over substance debates etc, no one can deny his ability to write very well.

2.Tony Blair in his own words edited by Paul Richards (2004)

A collection of Blair’s speeches and articles, largely avoiding the ones written for him that go to The Sun and other newspapers. A good reference to chart how his views and beliefs have progressed since entering parliament. The early work is the most interesting. The Murdoch lecture in Australia is a fascinating look at the ills of the Labour party circa 1982, and what needed to change. Perhaps the seed of New Labour was planted here. A book for political trainspotters. I don't think I am one though, I'm not that bad.

clever little boy. you i mean - not martin or tony
Have you ever thought about going into politics Mullet? In a professional capacity?

I haven't spoke to you in a while I know, but I'm sure the last you told me was that you stamp VAT invoices for the civil service.

You are worth more than that. Together we can get through it.
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